From the first time I started making pottery at an adult education class in 2012 I felt the urge to stick extra bits of clay on to my finished pieces.

To begin with I used cake decorating cutters to get this effect, more recently I have made my own moulds out of plaster as I find new techniques.

Mostly I like the ‘stuck on bits’, to seem as though they are part of the original piece.

I love colour and love in my life and mostly like to use hearts and flowers to brighten up my pottery, to reflect this. 

I had pottery lessons for five years with master potters Billy Byles and Alan Parris at Aylesford School of Ceramics, where I have learnt so much about clay, including the art of throwing on the wheel. These two wonderful, enthusiastic potters have given me a love of clay I can’t imagine will ever leave me. I am still learning and feel this may always be the case.

Following a recent move to Whitstable I am now lucky enough to have a studio at home where I am beginning to work in White Earthenware. I am hoping to create more colour using the white clay as a background.

I’m currently enjoying hand building everything as I don’t yet have my own wheel.